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At Jacobs Tool we are always seeking out individuals with a mechanical aptitude and great attention to detail to join our team. Previous experience is a plus, however we offer extensive on-the-job training to those who display the necessary attributes. Our founder believed that the success of future generations depended on skilled trades maintaining their prominence and to this day, education is of the utmost importance to us as we believe that it ultimately contributes to delivering the greatest quality to our customers.


There are a few typical roles in a machine shop, such as machine operators, setup machinists, machinists, and engineers. 


Machine Operators run heavy equipment such as milling machines, lathes, saws, or drill presses which have already been dialed in to produce the required part. They are typically expected to perform simple quality checks, clean up their machines, and communicate problems to their superiors. 


Setup Machinists set up the equipment for operators to run. They may be expected to write some programs, but mostly are expected to be able to load tools, load existing programs, and set coordinates in the machines. Print reading and inspection equipment familiarity are critical skills for Setup Machinists. 


Machinists​ are generally expected to be ‘full stack’ problem solvers, able to diagnose machining problems, adjust programs, write programs, choose tooling and machining strategies, and understand material characteristics. This is an advanced skill set that takes many years to develop. 


Full time engineers are not always needed in a machine shop; whoever is in this role is usually filling the gaps between machinists and setup machinists - providing drawings, tooling research, and material information as needed. 


If you’re interested in pursuing a position in this trade, please upload your Resume for us to review and we'll be in touch! Don't have a Resume? No problem- follow this link to fill out our brief digital application!

Upload a Resume for us to review! Include any documents which demonstrate your qualifications.

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