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About Us

In 1999 Jacobs Tool founder, Robert Jacobs, who

worked most of his life in the manufacturing

trade, decided that the industry needed a machining

supplier that built itself upon a foundation

of good relationships, fairness and honesty.

He also felt that the success of the future depended on

skilled trades maintaining their prominence; with those

ideals in mind, and a little determination, Jacobs Tool &

Mfg. came to be.


Today, JTM finds itself playing an important role in

many local and national manufacturing supply chains. To this day, we keep our eyes to the future by staying

involved in the training of the next skilled generation.

Education is of the utmost importance to us as we believe

that it ultimately contributes to delivering the greatest

quality to our customers.


We love the smell of machine shop oil. We love the metal

shavings stuck to our boots. We love manufacturing

the products and components that make the world a better

place - and we still believe that being fair and honest is the

only way to run this business.

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